Ieee Mb White

Invited Speakers

Toshiba Corporation

R&D for Commercialization Of Mems Rate Integrating Gyroscope: Challenges And Practical Approaches

The rate integrating gyroscope (RIG) acting as a Foucault pendulum like mechanical integrator, has great potential toward emerging applications above consumer grade such as self driving car, drone, and robot. An ideal RIG intrinsically has distinct advantages over the conventional rate gyroscope (RG), such as direct angle
measurement without numerical rate integration noise, stable scale factor, and broad mechanical dynamic range and bandwidth. In this talk, I will discuss the challenges and practical approaches in R&D for the commercialization of MEMS RIG. The contents are mainly based on our recent published works as below.
[1] R. Gando, et al .., “A MEMS Rate Integrating Gyroscope Based On Catch and release Mechanism For Low noise Conti nuous Angle Measurement”, in Proc. IEEE 31th Int. Conf. Micro Elect. Mech. Syst., 2018, pp. 944 947.
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MEMS Rate Integrating Gyroscope Enabled by Donut Mass Structure” Structure”, in Proc . MEMS 2020, pp. 263 266.
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